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Best Pilate Machines For 2020

Are you a pilates expert? Beginner? Maybe you have tried Pilates before but were too intimidated by all the machines in the studio? Heck, trying anything new can be scary let alone a new workout routine. The point is, you're not alone. Pilates machines from regular wood reformers to Cadillac reformers are intimidating.

Luckily I am here to help. I'll be helping you sift through everything you need to know about pilates, pilates machines, and even recommend some if you are looking for personal use. The best and worst part about pilates is that there are infinite things you can do with reformers.


In this article we will be going through the best pilates machines for you. Let's dive in.

First, let's start off with WHAT pilates is and the benefits of pilates.

Pilates is

Below we will go through the 3 most common types of machines. We have the reformer, reformer with tower, and the Cadillac. 




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I’m obsessed with the Elina Pilates Wood Reformer. It far exceeded my expectations. I’m 5’9” and my husband is 6’5”, and we both find this reformer to be the perfect size for us. Anything bigger would’ve taken up too much room, yet it’s big enough for him to be able to comfortable workout.

Also, Jill was such an amazing customer service representative! She was extremely responsive, and provided frequent updates, as this item was back ordered for a couple months.

Vanity excellent construction, visually impressive

The 84” distressed gray vanity forms the anchor piece of our recently renovated master bath. It is spacious and visually stunning with high quality construction and materials- solid woods, elegant marble and state of the art mechanicals. Significant value for the money. But beware the foibles of COVID-era shipping: freight forwarders will only drop at door; if you live in a condo or apartment you will have to arrange for delivery of a 500+ lb pallet into your home. But worth every penny!

Elina Pilates Cadillac Reformer ELN 300001